WOF Smart Vertical Farming Solution

Our technology

Our Smart Vertical Farming Solution supports resolving the food security challenge and environmental impact by providing farmers with an A-Z technology that helps them manage and run their vertical farm to grow all-year fresh greens and vegetables.

We use LED Lighting, controllers, organic wool to act as soil and plastic racks stacked vertically – this method cuts water usage by up to 95%, uses over 90% less land, all while harvesting 80% more.

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We aim to resolve the food security challenge and environmental impact by using best of breed Agri-Tech solution

Our technology components


The WoF Farm Smart solution automates and enables vertical farming – creating the optimal environment for plant growth to increase yields and reduce costs. We use no herbicides and pesticides.

LED Lighting

Using a specific LED light recipe for each crop optimizes for plant growth and nutrition and enables growth in almost any indoor condition.


Our solution monitors and adjusts nutrients provided to your crops while our data-driven algorithms will ensure they’re receiving the optimal levels for growth.

Crop Tracking

Track the growth of your crops on a dashboard via your computer, tablet or smartphone. Adjust everything from temperature to humidity to ensure optimal growth performance.

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